Determine Training


Supervisors and program directors can design online training programs for their departments or unit employees and volunteers.

Select from several online courses that focus on prevention of abuse of minors.

Training for Mandated Reporters under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) is also available. It is easy for supervisors and program directors to make these courses available to employees and volunteers.

Take these steps to get your training started:

  1. For each program or department to receive training, select the courses to be made available to your staff and volunteers on page 3 of the enrollment form​ and return to Risk Services (a “program” may be child care, youth sport camps, minors in labs, community outreach to minors, etc.)
  2. Risk Services will forward the completed form to Praesidium so that your training courses can be set up in Armatus.
  3. You will then receive an email containing the registration code and a program name to be used on the self-registration page. Provide this information to your staff and volunteers who will require the training.
  4. ***Important  Please advise your enrollees that they must correctly choose the right organization (UC Merced). Otherwise, after the enrollee is set up as a user, the user will not be associated with the correct program***
  5. If you would like to review any course before filling out the form, contact Risk Services for assistance. A Certificate of Completion is available for each training module. At the conclusion of the course, click the “print certificate” button. If you would like to attach an enrollee’s training record to the UC Learning Management System (LMS), contact Risk Services for assistance.
  6. A limited number of courses are also offered directly through the UC Learning Center (LMS).  To register, search the catalog for "CANRA" and the available courses will appear.