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Child Abuse Neglect and Reporting Act (CANRA)

How to report child abuse

If a university employee knows or reasonably believes that a child has been abused, call the campus police department (UCMPD) at 209-CAT-COPS or the local police department at 911 or the county child protective services office.

Suspected Child Abuse Reporting Form

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UC Merced is committed to protecting the safety and welfare of minors who visit our campus or who are included in a variety of programs and activities sponsored by the University or by third parties using University facilities or resources. In addition many of our undergraduate students are under the age of 18.

UC Merced’s policy is to comply with its obligations under The California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (“CANRA”) to promote identification and reporting of child abuse and neglect. All university employees who are mandated reporters must make required reports to child protection or law enforcement agencies.

UC Merced also encourages all members of the university community (faculty, staff, students, volunteers) who observe, have actual knowledge of, or reasonably suspect child abuse or neglect at a university facility or function, including off-site functions, or perpetrated by university personnel, to promptly report the concern.

Separate from CANRA, California law requires any person who reasonably believes he or she has observed murder, rape or certain lewd or lascivious acts where the victim is a child under the age of 14 years to notify a peace officer (such as a campus or community police officer or a county sheriff) of the potential crime.

This reporting mandate applies whether or not the witness is a mandated reporter and regardless of his or her affiliation with the university.

 The guidelines below provide information about the obligation to report suspected child abuse or neglect and answers to many common questions about CANRA:

Who to contact for information, resources, and guidance:

Subject Contact Phone Email
Primary Contacts for the CANRA Policy/Procedure and the Mandated Reporter Acknowledgement

Human Resources

Academic Personnel

Risk Services




Questions about Observed or Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect UC Merced Police Department

Online Training

Managing Risks of Activities Involving Minors

Sexual Molestation Liability Insurance

Risk Services 209-386-3079
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